Momma on a mission!


I have been trying to think of a way to record different sayings, quotes, stories, and general antics of my girls, Anna and Emily.  So far, I have been unsuccessful in being consistent, but here’s to a new year, attitude, and determination of my mission to tell their stories!

Anna is 3 and is quite full of herself these days!  Just the other day, she asked, “When Jesus comes back, will He ring a bell?”  WHERE did she come up with idea???  Josh and I are thinking from the movie, The Polar Express, because when one hears the bell, he or she can be assured that they “believe” in Santa.   And since Anna has a belief in who Jesus is (in her 3 year old mind), she thinks that just like Santa, Jesus should ring His bell!

Emily is almost 18 months old, and much to our horror (at times), she is her sister’s little mimic!  She loves being with her best friend, Anna, and often follows her lead in house destruction and general playtimes.  Emily refers to herself as “Me Me,” and loves to get “wa wa” (water) from our refrigerator.  She is SUCH a sweet little girl, whose smile can bring the greatest joy to me!  Many times, I have to get my “Emily fix” when I’m frustrated about something because she has such a great ability to bring peace and happiness!

My girls are my greatest joy and I pray that they bless others as much as they bless me!

Emily enjoying a kiss from Anna!


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