Where do I begin with my first born??  Anna was a fiesty child even before she made her grand entrance!  As a newly pregnant mom, I had NO idea what to expect, but getting sick in front of my first grade class was certainly NOT what I was expecting!  Anna had frequent hiccups, and she loved to kick and do gymnastics in the middle of the night.  

The night we went to hospital to have Anna, I couldn’t sleep!  I was SO excited to meet our little miracle, and I had a difficult time believing that in a few hours, I would be thrown into full-fledged mommyhood! 

As a young baby, Anna was so sweet with an angelic smile, but even from an early age, she had a mind of her own!  Most of the time she woke up happy from naps, but didn’t like waking up unexpectedly (who does??).  She was so determined to do everything early…  She rolled over early, walked early, talked early.  Anna seems to be our little overachiever!

It’s funny, as I look back, I remember feeling so overwhelmed when Josh and I would take her out somewhere and Anna would cry or throw a tiny tantrum…  We always felt so self-conscious, and we felt like everyone looking at us were accusing us of raising a future wild child!  Some days, I wish that was all that would make me feel overwhelmed!  🙂  It’s amazing how one’s views on child behavior changes once a kid or two is in the picture! 

As Anna has become a toddler, her crazy antics and fun-loving nature has brought a great deal of noise and smiles, but I’m so surprised that gray hair hasn’t followed yet!!  Well, I guess Josh has lost hair…  🙂  However, I’m looking forward to so much more excitement and challenges along the way.  I find it an honor that God blessed us with our gracious gift, Anna!

Please feel free to leave any comments or fun things you know about Anna on the comment page.  I plan to share this with Anna as she grows!  Blessings!


3 thoughts on “Anna

  1. Josh Fowler

    I remember your labor beginning during a Wednesday night Youth Service, without me realizing it. When I came home from church and walked in the door, I saw you pacing back and forth counting the minutes between contractions. I eventually learned that labor & delivery are not as quick as I thought they would be. But one of the most rewarding and cherished memories for me was bringing Anna home from the hospital!

  2. Victoria Gooding

    I’m so tickled that you started this, Christa! Anna amazes me every time I talk to her and see her, she is so intelligent and fun! I’ll never forget the first time I heard her make animal noises; I was totally charmed! Anna will go far in her life, I know that God has a wonderful plan for her.

  3. Ellen Fowler

    I’ll never forget the excitement and anticipation of Anna coming and expecially the night we got the call saying that you were in labor. We couldn’t get out of the house fast enough, luckly we had had our bags mostly packed in anticipation for the big event, but little did I realize at the time that I would be doing all of the driving in the middle of the night 🙂 but it was so very worth it! Tracy was so very tired because he had been working so much and so I just got behind the wheel and never stopped. So many wonderful memories of that night as we waited for Anna to be born, especially the two snoring papa’s 🙂
    I will never forget the first time I heard Anna’s “little” voice, I couldn’t believe something so small could have such a loud screech 🙂 I loved how she really enjoyed hearing herself and discovering her voice, I believe it’s a voice that God has great things in store for.

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