Emily was 5 days old... Such a sweetie!

Today, Emily is 18 months old, and I have to say…  She is such a gift to our family.  Since she was born, her quiet confidence and sweet demeanor has brought all of us (yes, even her older sister) a great deal of encouragement.

I remember wanting to meet Emily so badly, that when I thought I was in labor, I ran up and down the stairs just to move things along!  Emily came much quicker than Anna did, and she was so beautiful. Before having Emily, I remember thinking that it would be difficult to love another child as much as I loved Anna, but it turned out that it wasn’t so hard after all!  It’s amazing how much you can love two little ladies!

Emily is Anna’s self-declared “best friend.”   As a young baby, Emily used to love watching Anna play and wouldn’t take her eyes off of her beloved sister!  Now that she’s walking and running, Emily follows her sister everywhere and enjoys playing games with her!  Emily loves to hug and kiss EVERYONE, especially Anna and me!  The girls especially love to play with the laundry basket, pretending that it is a boat floating on water, and they aim to stay out of the water!   I love watching them play together and find that I cannot imagine life without either one.

Just yesterday, Emily had an incident with her daddy…  I was back in our bedroom getting ready for the day, singing to a CD, when I heard Anna yelling frantically, “MOMMY!  MOMMY!”  I rushed out of the room and found Josh and Emily on the living room floor both of them covered with vomit.  Emily looked relieved, but the look of absolute horror and disgust on Josh’s face was PRICELESS!  So, I cleaned up the mess while Josh took care of cleaning the girls of the nastiness!

Emily’s love, compassion, and general sweetness are just a part of her wonderful character, and I cannot wait to see how God will use her and her gifts!


2 thoughts on “Emily

  1. Josh Fowler

    I remember your labor with Emily also beginning while at church. This time on a Sunday morning. This time around I had a better understanding of what to expect during the labor & delivery. One of my favorite first memories of Emily was the day that she met her big sister, Anna, for the very first time!

  2. Victoria Gooding

    I was so thrilled to be there when Emily was born and have a million pictures to prove it!! She definitely has a totally different personality than Anna, something we could all see from the time she was born….what a sweetie!

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