Limited Rest


Boy those were the days... Anna 2 months old and SLEEPING!

Sleeping had been an activity that Josh and I enjoyed before having kids, and I thought that after our girls exited the “infant” stage of life, my nighttime rest would be more peaceful and less interrupted.  Boy, was I dreaming!! 

So, we had a pretty typical evening  after putting the girls down to bed.  Anna got up at 10:30 pm, yelling that she needed to use the potty…  Sheesh kid, can’t you just come and get me nice and quiet-like??   And Emily, who is usually an awesome sleeper, must have had some teething issues because she was up from 12:30 am until about 3 or so.  So, I took Emily out to the living room to see if she just needed some extra mommy cuddles.  Turned out, she would have rather played with mommy instead…  Oh well, so I just put her back down, praying sleep would come to her soon!  Thankfully, she rested quite comfortably for the rest of the night.  However, not so with Anna…  At about 4:30 am, I heard a loud “thump…THUMP” somewhere in the house.  As I sat up in bed, I realized it was Anna because she cried, “Mommy, I need help!  I fall out of my bed!  Mommy, Mommy!”  Poor little sweetie must have had some good dreams or something to have fallen out of her bed!  I rushed to her room, picked her up, kissed her, and scratched her back (something she LOVES) as she fell back asleep. 

I said all of this to say, that as I was putting on my makeup today, I was feeling sorry for myself because I was so exhausted.  I was then reminded of our heavenly Father’s mercies, that are “new every morning.”  I’m so thankful that although I’m tired and grumpy from limited rest, God isn’t and He offers me a fresh start to every day.  Lord, keep me ever mindful to allow others to have a fresh start and mercy even when they’ve failed or disappointed me (or have kept me awake all night long :))


One thought on “Limited Rest

  1. Victoria Gooding

    I can certainly rest now, but I remember clearly one little girl at the age of 7 who was still waking mom and dad up at the crack of dawn EVERY morning with somewhere between 7 and 13 sneezes in a row….We counted, got to be a game with us!! 🙂 Better than being awakened at night when all 3 kids had projectile vomiting!

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