My favorite things…


In the spirit of Julie Andrews as Maria in The Sound of Music (one of my favorite musicals), I decided to compose a list of my favorite things concerning my girlies…

– Hearing them sing!  Anna loves to sing, “I Love You, Lord” and “Away in the Manger.”  Emily really starts singing when she eats…     

– Watching them play together.  Well, when they are playing nicely it’s good!

– I love hearing them run “pitter patter” across our floor!  They sounds so small and it reminds me to be grateful for the small things in life!

– Teaching my girls necessary skills such as cleaning, cooking, and laundry.  Watching these activities are probably  pretty funny to someone else!  We are quite the team!  🙂

– When one of them gets hurt, Anna always offers up prayers or asks for prayer.  Just the other day, she prayed that God would “take away Mommy’s boo-boo” (I burnt myself on the oven and it left an ugly scab on my wrist).

– I love it when they smile at me…  It melts my heart even when I’m frustrated!

– Emily’s hugs are WONDERFUL!  She never wants to let go!

– I love watching Anna trying to be like me (most of the time).  It’s a constant reminder to watch how I behave!

– Hearing hearty laughs about just anything… 

BUT, my most favorite thing is hearing those 4 heartfelt, special words that can melt any heart of stone, “I wuv you, mommy!”  There’s no other precious words I’d rather hear from those two beautiful girls! 

Many times, I’d like to focus on what’s wrong or look at the glass half-empty, but when I have two girls like mine, how can I be anything but grateful! 

“These are are few of my favorite things…”


One thought on “My favorite things…

  1. Ellen Fowler

    What a wise woman!!! Putting our focas on being grateful melts God’s heart as our loving Father He loves when we’re grateful for the blessings He’s given and I love how you’re not taking them for granted either.
    Also, what a BEAUTIFUL list you’ve put together, I can only imagine how it will bless their hearts when they get older to know how much you’ve noticed and loved who they are and the wonderful gifts God’s put into each one of them. God certainly knew what He was doing giving them you as a mommy.

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