Doin' what they love best! Playing together!

Our family spends a great deal of time together.  We eat all of our meals together, go to church together, run errands together (Josh doesn’t usually join us), and right now, we don’t have to “schedule” family time like so many others today.  Don’t get me wrong, our girls do things without us.  They go to “school” (Mother’s Day Out Program at a local church) every Thursday, and they have their classes or nursery at church that I’m not usually a part of.  And, when they are home, they can usually play pretty well with each other without too much interference from mommy or daddy.

For the last couple of weeks, Anna has been wanting me to stay on her rocking chair until she’s close to sleeping for both her afternoon nap and nighttime sleep…  Maybe she’s pushing this whole “togetherness” thing, but hey, at least I am “forced” to write this blog!!   Anna also enjoys spending a great deal of time with someone and it doesn’t usually matter who it is.  She just LOVES to be around people!  I wonder where she got that gene?? 🙂  Emily, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind being alone in her crib even after waking up.  She can usually entertain herself for about 10 minutes without too much fuss.  Emily can also play by herself if Anna is still napping and seems to actually enjoy it most days.  However, it’s so cute to see her huge smile when she sees Anna toddling out of her room ready to play!

When I’m at my earthly life’s end, there’s at least one thing I won’t regret: spending most (if not all) of my time with or at least thinking about my family.  There are times when I can pull my hair out and wish the time away, but then I catch myself, remembering how incredibly short life is and the smallness of my present perspective.  My newest goal is to not wish time away but to thoroughly enjoy my life even when it’s a little crazy!

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One thought on “Togetherness

  1. Ellen Fowler

    Yes, there are times when you want to pull your hair out or want some alone time, especially going to the bathroom 🙂 but, it is all worth it. Believe me, you will have plenty of alone time someday 🙂 I’ve always been so thankful that the Lord allowed me to stay home and raise our children. We may not have had all of the newest or best things that two incomes could afford, but I don’t think it hurt our children any, and I know we had everything the Lord wanted us to have. I have many memories to treasure from the time I was able to spend with our children so I have to say that I have NO regrets.

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