Josh with his girls!

On this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to write about dads.  Mainly because my hunky Valentine (my husband, Josh) is one, and most dads don’t really know how incredible they are and how crucial their influence is in the lives of their children.  Many dads have a unique way of leveling the parenting playing field.  Let’s take Josh, and I, for example.  He really helps out in ways he doesn’t always see, and I often don’t give him credit for it…  (oops!)

I tend to be the clean-a-holic and while I take some time to clean (these would be the chores my girls can’t do with me, like mopping the hardwood floors), he plays with the girls somewhere else to keep them from taking an early bath in the cleaning water.   Addionally, Josh has given a daily “Shower Power Hour” in which I can get ready for my day by showering, getting dressed, reading my Bible, etc., etc…  During this time, he plays referee because Anna and Emily usually want to watch me do my make up and hair, so he works hard to give me this alone time.  Without that time in the morning, I would find it difficult to go through my day effectively, and I’m so grateful for his sacrifice in time for something I see as being important.  What he may not realize is that by helping me in these ways, he helps me to be an even better mom to our girls because I feel better about myself and the house. 🙂

There are so many other ways in which Josh is a great daddy…  He listens when Anna just wants to talk.  He always smiles when he comes up the stairs to greet the girls after his work time.  He hugs Emily for as longs as she wants and lets her squeeze as hard as she can (which can be long and hard :)).  He treats their mommy with respect, kindness, and sensitivity.  Josh, you are indeed a fabulous daddy, and you are deeply loved!  It’s hard to believe that 12 years ago we had our first “date.”  I couldn’t have planned my life with you any better than the one the Lord has given us.  Happy 12th Valentine’s Day!


One thought on “Daddies!

  1. Victoria Gooding

    What a wonderful tribute to Josh! This is something I hope the girls can look back upon and see just how special their dad is and will always be, because Josh loves God. Pure and simple.

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