Kid Habits!


Both of my girls do things that I believe make them unique, and I thought I would compose a few just to remember a couple of these attributes.  As Anna and Emily grow up, I’m sure they will look back at this and say, “Mom, what were you THINKING?”  I’ll categorize these idiosyncrasies by child…  Enjoy!

Anna Ruth

Santa Anna!


She LOVES getting in her pj’s right after she’s finished with her dinner.  If we have to go somewhere after dinner, we have to “convince” her that she needs to wear her day clothes!  Speaking of clothes…  Anna enjoys wearing “down softie pants,” and she will fight tooth and nail to wear those stinkin’ pants!!  By the way, “down softie pants” are pants that are NOT jeans and are NOT tapered at the base of the leg.  Additionally, she will not allow me to spray hair detangler on her head…  I can spray it only on the hairbrush.  Anna has a hard time drinking milk in pink cups because she doesn’t like “gum milk.”  She also has a few words I find absolutely hysterical… “ding bell” for “doorbell” and “fuggy” for “fuzzy.”

Emily Grace

A princess!


Emily is such a funny girl.  If she thinks she’s doing something cute, she’ll shoot up a huge, toothy smile to charm whomever she’s trying to amuse.  While eating food, Emily hums a song, and if she really likes what she’s eating she gets louder and louder and louder…  🙂  She also enjoys shoes and getting them out of her drawer, trying on as many pairs as possible at one time!  Emily throws quite a fit when she goes #2 in her diaper…  If you ask her, she’ll tell you, “Nooooo,” and she yells when you lay her down on the changing table!  If you’re not careful, Emily will give you her “look.”  Trust me, you know when you get it… 🙂

I love that both girls are unique and have these funny attributes that make me laugh throughout the day!!  They are such cuties, and I love having them in my life!


One thought on “Kid Habits!

  1. Ellen Fowler

    Oh my word, I laughed out loud!!! You have such a wonderful way of putting things. I love your picture choices too. Those girls are just to much, such a treasure for the heart. I hope you’re planning on writting a book someday 🙂

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