Questions to God about kids


Anna wailing with her "butchie!"

I’m sure I’m not alone when I wonder why kids are so puzzling!  In fact, there a few questions about children I’d like to ask God when I see Him face to face.  First of all, why are they SO LOUD when they cry? I feel like any time either one of my girls has an ache or wants things “her way,” a loud wailing sounding a bit like an ambulance siren comes from her mouth!  I’m sure there are some adults who “loudly wail” at times, but at least most folks only do that periodically!  And, in our house, this crying can take place morning, noon, or even at night!  Just last night @ 2:30, Anna comes in our room wanting to change into underwear from her pull-up.  When I informed her that it wasn’t time to wake up yet, she began the loud wailing I was referring to earlier.  Why God, why? 🙂

Another question I want to ask the Lord is, why is “no” one of the first words they use regularly? I totally understand that it’s an easy one, but my kids seem to gain so much joy from saying it!  Emily is in that stage where she says “nooooo” to just about anything.  Today, I asked her, “Is Emily such a cute girl?”  Her response, “nooooooo.”  Of course, most of the time it’s cute, but there will be a time when “noooo” accompanied by a toothy, Emily grin may not quite as cute!!  Well, maybe… 🙂

And, I know I’m not the only person who has wondered, “how can someone so small leave so much stinky excrement in their diapers?” I think I probably have instance after instance of how my girls have completely embarrassed me in public by this, but Anna really enjoys the story of when she “went” on my hand while I was changing her because she can actually see it on video.  Seriously, she was no more than 2 weeks old (and she was a TINY baby), and like the Energizer bunny, she just kept going, and going, and going…  🙂  Now, Anna is out of diapers (THANK GOD!), but we still have Emily sporting the puffy rear otherwise known as the diaper.  For the most part, Emily hasn’t been too extreme in what she leaves behind, but she can be so difficult to change when she has done a #2.  She kicks and screams, “noooooo” when she’s being taken to her changing table!  AHHHHHH!

Funny Emily!

Maybe some of these questions to God may have seemed like I’m complaining about my girls, but there’s no complaints here because I have tried to see these “interesting” antics as just one more way in which God wants to grow and mature me as a person!  Through my girls, God teaches me many life lessons, and I often come away understanding more about God’s love and compassion!


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