Anna and Emily meeting for the first time!

The first time…  Can I really remember all the “firsts” of my girls???  Probably not, but I’m so thankful for those baby books in which I have recorded most of them!  However, I wanted to reminisce about some of my favorite firsts of my girls…

My absolute favorite first was when Anna first told me, “I love you.”  Wow.  I went over the moon the day she told me that!  We also thought Anna’s first time wearing undies was absolutely wonderful as well.  Too bad Josh and I didn’t realize potty training would be a couple months in the making!  On the other hand, my favorite first of Emily was watching her walk.  She was 1 year and 1 week old when she took her first steps, and I absolutely loved seeing the look of intense accomplishment in her eyes!  Emily’s first word was “Ma ma” which quickly changed to “mommy.”   I was SO ecstatic when she made the switch, and I can honestly say that I don’t even mind hearing it in the middle of the night when she occasionally needs some comfort!  🙂   I was very excited when both girls began eating solid foods, and I especially loved it when they could use utensils with ease!  It certainly has made my eating times much more enjoyable!

In addition to all the first that have already taken place, I’m looking forward to many other firsts in Anna and Emily’s lives…  their first day of school (ok, so maybe I’m NOT so excited for that one), their first kids camp, their first time understanding God’s love for them, their first game or recital, the first time they lead someone to Jesus, their first date, so on and so on…  I know God has extraordinary plans for their lives because they are extraordinary ladies even at their young age.  I pray that their hearts would be fixed on God, living in total obedience to Him because He will direct their paths.


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