Influential People


Pap and Gram with the girlies!

As I was thinking of what to write, I began to reminisce about my growing up years.  Many of my favorite memories usually included my gram or my pap (Archie and Helen Irvin).  I enjoyed spending time with them, and they both had incredible ability to make me feel special.  Although I wish my girls could have the opportunity to know them they way I did, I’m SO grateful for the phenomenal people they call their grandparents.

Grandma, Papa, Emily (in mommy's belly), Daddy, and Anna @ Longwood Gardens!

Each set of grandparents offer a different dynamic of influence in the lives of our girls.  Mima and Grandpa (my mom and her husband) have the love of cats in common with our girls, and it’s something that they will always share!  Grandma and Papa (Josh’s parents) have a great relationship with the girls, and it’s evident that they have devoted much time praying for and loving their family.  The spiritual heritage they have afforded the girls is priceless!  On the other hand, Anna and Emily always get excited when they know we are going to visit Pap and Gram (my dad and Cecelia).  Bath time is among one of the greatest times there, and Anna loves sleeping in the same room as gram!  No one is better than the other, and each one has an incredible influence over their precious grandgirls!

Mima and Anna (1 month old)

Although none of the grandparents live close to us, they still have a powerful effect on our girls from our many phone calls as well as frequent visits.  It’s exciting to see Anna and Emily form a close bond with our parents and share with them holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.  I pray that their relationships would continue to grow and thrive because our lives are brief, so it’s important to share with others our lives, experience, and resources.  I’m so thankful for parents (in-law and step included) who have demonstrated living life to the fullest!


2 thoughts on “Influential People

  1. ellen fowler

    Thanks for the beautiful sentiments, it is truely our pleasure to spend time with all of you, but of course there is a very special place just for those precious girls in our heart 🙂 God has certainly been good to us and for that we are grateful.
    I’m sure I speak for all of the grandparents that all any of us want to do is love on them and show them how special they are.

  2. Victoria Gooding

    Life can give us such beautiful blessings, and I count my blessings with my children and grandchildren. Christa, you have become a delightful, beautiful woman, beyond my hopes and dreams for you, and I am so incredibly grateful that you have a God-loving man who loves you no matter what! The girls have no idea just how blessed they are to have you two as parents and most likely won’t really appreciate you until they grow up… That’s just the way of growing up, but when you remember to “raise them up as they should go”, they will always return to God and the truths they were taught by you.
    I’m so excited to watch my lovely granddaughters grow up and I don’t want to miss anything….they will know their Mima, ’cause I plan on being around a lot!!!

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