After my girls go to sleep at night, I like to take some time to reflect on the day.  Sometimes, I think aloud to Josh (which I’m SURE he absolutely enjoys…), but there are times when my introspective self appears.  I question my reactions to certain daily events, and I begin to think of how tomorrow can be better.

Today, we got a CD player for Anna’s room because I’ve been sensing that she’s “growing” out of a daily afternoon nap, but I also feel she at least needs some quiet time in which she can listen to a gentle CD, read books, and play with her animals while still in her bed.  Today, Anna really enjoyed the idea of the CD player, but she didn’t enjoy having to wait until the CD was over before exiting her room.  Anna did actually sleep during her “rest time,” but she woke up very upset because her CD wasn’t playing anymore…  So, here I am writing and trying to troubleshoot this issue so that things can go a little better tomorrow!

On the other hand, Emily has been in the hitting stage.  In fact, hitting wasn’t really a part of our household until Emily started hitting Anna.  We aren’t sure where she learned this or if it’s just inherent, but we are trying to help her understand that hitting isn’t acceptable.  Luckily, Anna doesn’t retaliate with violence, but she definitely voices her opinion when Emily hits her!  So, here I am writing and trying to troubleshoot this issue so that things can go a little better tomorrow!

Some days are better than others, but I have felt it important to wake up with the attitude that “it’s a new day, and I don’t remember yesterday’s frustrations!”  Even if it’s difficult, waking up with my girls and giving them a huge hug telling them, “I’m so glad to see you” while serving them breakfast starts our day positively!  While putting yesterday behind, and tomorrow ahead, it’s so important to be present in the here and now.  There’s a song we sang at VFCC that always resonated with me…I want to be more like You, Jesus, I want to be more like You.  I want to be a vessel that You work through.  I want to be more like You. I can be that vessel not because of who I am, but because of His mercies that are “new every morning.”


3 thoughts on “Troubleshooting!

  1. ellen fowler

    I love all of your reflection! My advice for the CD is to put the player on continuous play and then it won’t stop and she’ll still hear it when she gets up, that is if your player offers that setting.
    I love that you try your best to enter each day with a fresh outlook, not everyone does that. I see a beautiful legacy you’re giving the girls when I read how you’re starting each day letting them know how much they mean to you and how special they are, in my opinion, children can never be told that to much. Great job!

  2. Great suggestion about the CD, however, if she doesn’t sleep, I tell her she can come out with the music is “all done.” That part worked well today, but I think we’re paying for her NOT sleeping!! 🙂 Oh well!

  3. Victoria Gooding

    One thing about starting each day anew, without the previous day’s frustrations, irritations, anger, and trials is that negativity associated with all those things is gone….along with the physical and emotional anguish. We can become “new” everyday with God! The positive actions and re-actions you have towards the girls are wonderful and will reap many rewards in the future. I’m very proud of you and your astute insight into yourself. Thank you for sharing yourself!

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