Our newest "free" thing... A beauty station!

I have heard over and over from my wise old dad (oh, he’ll love that I called him “old”), “Don’t believe ’em.  NOTHING in life is ever free!”  As a teenager, I would roll my eyes, insisting in my thoughts that surely there could be something free without strings attached.  That free oil change… Not really free when you consider that they always try to dupe you into buying new windshield wipers.  The free gas points…  Definitely not free when you consider the amount of money you spend at the grocery store to rack up the points.   My favorite “free” things usually come with some sort of condition-buy this and get that free, free items if you spend a certain amount of money, etc.  Even the famed site (from which I have actually picked up some pretty cool things) you have to have a computer and an internet connection as well as a gassed up vehicle to get where you need to be to pick up the free items.

However, one thing I have found to be free (at least to me) is the love I have for my girls. Maybe it wasn’t free for me when I think about the extra worrying, thinking, and praying I do about and for them.  On the other hand, the pain of childbirth and pregnancy was quickly erased from my memory when I laid eyes on both of my precious gifts.  But, like I wrote earlier, maybe the love I have for my girls isn’t free for me, but it certainly is for them.  It’s an unconditional (at least in my delicate understanding), unwavering love that is not just something I “feel,” it’s what I am in being their mommy.  Before having these two ladies, I couldn’t imagine such a pure, deep, and vivid love for anyone, and it’s then again, I realized the depth of my Heavenly Father’s love for me.  It’s because of His example of love-no strings attached-that I can fully and freely love my family!

Matthew 10:8b, “Freely you have received, freely give.”


3 thoughts on “Free

  1. Victoria Gooding

    Such a beautiful blessing our children are to us, and as you pointed out, God’s love to us is like that, unconditional, complete, and eternal. However, when one wants to get really technical, NOTHING is free…it all takes some sort of action, such as just reaching out. That was taught to me as a child, that we have to put forth effort for everything, even God’s love. We have to actively accept and receive Jesus into our hearts….after that His love comes freely. I know, that may sound like nit-picking, but it’s important to understand. God has freely given to us, and we in turn, must freely give back to Him and to others.

    • Well, I love all that you said, except I believe the scripture that basically says, that before we even knew Him, He loved us. We don’t do anything to deserve that love and yet it is free. Even if one doesn’t decide to accept that love, the sun and moon graciously rises for us all the same. While we are all judged for that decision (of whether to reject or accept His love), I believe it grieves His heart when one doesn’t accept His gracious love. Another thought that comes to mind is “while we were yet still sinners, He {Jesus] died for us.” Although we may have “earn” love from others here on Earth, it is a great freedom to know that even when we fail Him, God still loves us. I love you, Mom!

      • Victoria Gooding

        Excellent points, lovely daughter of mine…I can always stand a bit of spiritual wisdom and teaching, that’s for sure! I love you more, Christa!!!

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