The ladies with "Stinky Sheepy" and "Monkey!"

We all have things that help us to be more comfortable, and my girls are no exceptions.  For the last two weeks as we pick up the girls from their Mother’s Day Out program, Emily’s teachers have noted her affection for a blue bird finger puppet.  Last week, I actually had to pry it out of her hands before leaving, and this week, her teachers said that the other kids were finding the blue bird for Emily!  It’s something that obviously offers her security and comfort while she’s at “school.”

When Anna was 11 months old, I noticed that she was weaning herself from nursing.  (or so I thought…  Found out a couple days later that I was pregnant with Emily!!)  I had heard that that babies may have an easier time with weaning if they have a “lovie” or something to comfort them as they go through this change.  That’s when Anna found her “butchie.”  Anna’s sage green blanket is a very soft friend that has been a sleeping mate ever since.  We aren’t too sure about the name for her blanket, and it has actually caused some folks to think that Anna was actually repeating a “4-letter word…”  On the other hand, Anna also really enjoys a blue monkey, which she has affectionately named, “Monkey.”  (Creative, huh?)

Emily also has a blanket that she sleeps with, but she also has a stuffed sheep that we call, “Stinky Sheepy” because she chews on it and it smells yucky when it’s not washed regularly!!  🙂  Emily has also grown attached to a binky again, but we’re careful not to give it to her when she sleeps at night.  She will walk around the house frantically searching for her “bee.”  She’s seriously TOO cute!  🙂


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