My little bunnies!

Since this is the Passion Week, I have been reflecting on the word “sacrifice.”  As I looked in the dictionary, I noticed a couple words used to define “sacrifice” such as, offering, devoted, loss, and surrender.

As we look to the life of Christ, He sacrificed his heavenly position with the Father to become like us and pay the ultimate price for our sins on the cross.  Imagine having a great place to live, an awesome job, and listening and worshipping to beautiful music…  Who’d want to leave a place like that?  Thankfully, Jesus had compassion on all mankind and took our place to be our sacrifice.

Sometimes, I feel being a mom involves some sacrifice.  It may seem silly to some, but one of the greatest things I surrendered was my profession as a teacher.  When I resigned from teaching, tears were shed at least 3 times a day for a whole week! Looking back, my reaction seems semi-goofy, and I’m SO grateful for the time I have with Anna and Emily.  Although this is only one “sacrifice,” I’m sure we all could name several

others, but any sacrifice we can make pales in comparison to Jesus’ ultimate devotion to us.  I have absolutely NO regrets in giving up my classroom, and I’m pretty sure Jesus feels the same about dying on the cross for us, especially since He has the victory over death!


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