My Cup Runneth Over…


Pretty Emily!There are days when my “cup runneth over,”  but unfortunately, it’s not always running over with good thoughts, attitudes, and feelings.  I get frustrated too quickly, I don’t react with kindness, I don’t read enough books to my girls, and the list goes on and on.  (I really wanted to write, “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…)  Even as I write, Anna is yelling in her room because she doesn’t want to sleep and wants mommy and daddy.  I sit here trying to calm myself because I’ve been back to her numerous amounts of time this evening, and I’m truly irritated that she does this!  Additionally,  I wish I didn’t feel guilty about not doing enough and simply not being enough for my girls.

As I continue to reflect, I realize that it’s a GOOD thing that I’m not enough for my family.  If I was the center, we would be in some major trouble!!  We desperately need Jesus to be the center of our family, calling upon His consistent, unconditional love when we don’t feel like being loving.  His graciousness and strong presence in our lives is beyond comforting, and as much as I love my family, Jesus loves them and cherishes them even more.  When I think of His love, it compels me to demonstrate His characteristics of grace, peace, and love and to ask for forgiveness when I fall short!  Only then, can my cup truly runneth over so that I can continue to experience His freedom and presence!

On Easter Sunday, our girls sang with the other kids from our church.  Watching Anna and Emily praise the Lord brought a great deal of awe to my heart…  I can only imagine how pleased Jesus was to hear their heartfelt praise!  Although my cup doesn’t always “runneth over” with joy, peace, or patience, I’m glad His cup does!

4 thoughts on “My Cup Runneth Over…

  1. Victoria Gooding

    I agree with Josh, you ARE amazing and an amazing, loving mother! As difficult as it is to raise children, you are showing an inner strength and insight that many mothers don’t. God has placed a clear blessing on your lives and I know that He has a specific plan for each and everyone of you…..I can’t wait to see what He has planned for Anna and Emily! (And the next one the comes along, too!)
    As you are obedient to His word, so should Anna and Emily be obedient to you….I know that Anna is only 3, but the long drawn-out bed time ritual of her yelling for an hour or more may need a different approach. Perhaps that is a question to put out there on FB, see what others think…..
    I love you all and am so excited that you’ll be visiting soon!!

  2. Ellen Fowler

    I also agree with Josh and with Vicki. You are a wonderful mother and God has given you great insight. I know I’ve said it before but it bares repeating, I love how reflective you are that is truly a gift that God has given you and also the gift of being able to write about it so beautifully. For me as a young mom I wasn’t that way and it took me a long time to get to the realization that I was never meant to be everything to my husband and children. I always thought that I needed to be more and that kept me with feelings of guilt that God never intended for me to carry. If I somehow could fulfill their every need that would only be tragic for them because where would their need for God be? I will always come up short or fail but God will never fail.
    I praise the Lord that He is given you such a desire to ponder and reflect because it only helps you grow closer & closer to Him and that will only be great for your family.

    • Yesterday, one of my facebook friends quoted, “You know the depths of my heart and You love me the same…” When I read that, it was incredibly humbling especially after the day I had been having. Of course, I had to be a wise guy and comment by saying… “So grateful because my depths don’t look so hot today!!” Be blessed!

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