As I lay awake during a torrential downpour paired with heavy winds, thunder, and lightening that ripped through Mechanicsburg, it’s amazing how God can bring us victory in and through the storms of our lives.  Early this morning, the volume and severity of the storm woke up everyone in our house (except for Emily who could probably sleep through a train barreling through her room).  Poor Anna was trembling in her room in fear our house was going to “blow over and get storm in it.” So, I cuddled her until she fell back asleep praying for the storm to be over soon and for no major damage.

Being a part of family, one will inevitably face storms that will rock and shake relationships and maybe even faith in God.  Babies will refuse to nap or eat.  Toddlers will test  limits and boundaries.  School aged kids will be influenced (positively and/or negatively) by friends and teachers.  Teenagers, well…  I guess we’ll see what kind of challenges teenagers will pose when we get there.  They are pretty unpredictable from my perspective!  🙂

However, Josh and I love the song by Casting Crowns, Praise You in the Storm.  Just the idea of praising God when storms arise is incredibly humbling because it’s ascribing honor to an incredible God when all I want to think about is ME!  When I shift my focus, knowing that “with God, all things are possible,” I can do nothing else except praise God!


3 thoughts on “Storms…

  1. Ellen Fowler

    One thing that spoke volumes to me in your writting was where you told about cuddling Anna when she was afraid in the storm. It made me think about how that is exactly the picture of what God does for us when we are in the storms of life and are discouraged or afraid. He’s holding and cuddling us, and letting us know He’s there and we don’t have to be afraid.

    • Victoria Gooding

      Ellen, you said that perfectly and I completely agree. I can remember the year that my dad, Josh, and I all had horrible diagnoses of cancer….but God was ALWAYS there in those terrible storms, lifting each of us up in ways that were comforting, inspiring, and downright delightful! God loves us so perfectly!

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