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My sweet ladies!

So, the during this last week, I was in Reading, PA for the Penn-Del MinistrieSummit (basically a conference for pastors and spouses).  My wonderful in-laws volunteered to watch the girls, so Josh and I could go by ourselves.  Of course, this sounded like a great idea…  3 months ago!!  However, as the date came closer and closer, I began to “miss” the girls before I was even gone.  In fact, Monday night (we left Tuesday morning), I was up until 2 am worrying about leaving the girls.  My worries had nothing to do with whom I was leaving them, it was simply leaving them, missing them.  You see, I still struggle with worrying about Anna and Emily and their welfare if something would ever happen to both Josh and me.

However, God has a great way of  directly and indirectly teaching me about specific things I’m dealing with, and I’m thankful that He allows me to be sensitive to His voice.  My pastor, Paul Grabill (from State College A/G church), is struggling with cancer and it’s complications.  He mentioned in one of the services that, “You can’t scare a Christian with heaven.”  He also said, “God is bigger than the issues I leave behind on this Earth.”  Another young pastor who is 28 years old with two young kids was diagnosed with an incurable cancer felt God speaking to him concerning his mortality and shared it with the us in the congregation.  This is what he felt God speaking to him: “You call on me for help to raise your kids.  You ask for guidance, peace, and direction. What makes you think I [God] can’t help to raise your kids without you here?  While you are important in the lives of your kids, you aren’t more important than I am.”  Whew…  Talk about speaking to me right to MY soul!  Too often, I feel I am the most important part of the equation.  WRONG.  God is.  His leading, His direction, His plans.  While I know I can have a huge impact on my girls’ lives, I know God’s guidance, character, and plans are much better than my own.

Although I know this is still something I will continually deal with, I trust God will keep reminding me that “His ways are higher than mine.”   I don’t have to worry about tomorrow or how my girls will “turn out” because God has everything under control.  My job is to simply be obedient.  🙂

“When I said, ‘My foot is slipping,’ Your love, O Lord, supported me.  When anxiety was great within me, Your joy brought consolation to my soul.”  Psalm 94: 18&19


2 thoughts on “The essentials…

  1. Victoria Gooding

    This is such an excellent subject to open up to other parents!! I think that the majority of parents both young and old struggle with this same concept, that we as human beings are the most important people in our children’s lives….not so!! No matter what, God is the best father/mother we could ever have; and that our children could ever have.

  2. Ellen Fowler

    God is always so sweet to reassure us that He is in control and we don’t have to worry. I know you’ll be like the rest of us and get concerned about it again sometime, but I also know that God will be faithful to gently remind you again that He has a plan and He will accomplish it. The scripture that came to mind was where it says in Ps 139:16 All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be. Everyone of our children’s days as are already ordained 🙂
    I struggled with some of the same things when my kids were small, but it more stemmed from trusting and letting go, I think I was so much in my own control that I never even thought if the idea of not being around. I always had to take care of myself so learning to be in control came very early and there had been lots of hurt, loss and rejection, so to trust God was a very scary thing for me especially when it came to my children. But I can tell you that God has always been so sweet, gentle and patient to help me to trust and let go when I needed to. I love how He knows our thoughts and cares so much even when we haven’t released something to Him in prayer. He knows and He answers our concerns when we least expect it, and He showes us how much He loves “our” children and lets us know that they are just on loan to us 🙂 I will praise Him forever for His faithfulness, He is great and greatly to be praised.

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