A letter to my girls…


Dear Anna and Emily,

As you are 3 (Anna) and 22 months (Emily) old, I began thinking of things I would share with you as you enter or are in your teenage years.  These are years that can bring a sense of insecurity and doubt about oneself.  As you go to school, church, and are part of society as a whole, you have a chance to be a world-changer.  I believe in you!  In a world full of indecision and inconsistency, YOU have the opportunity to be one who will change with the times without compromising your values and who God created you to be.

Anna, you are full of life, a character not needing to be defined but challenged to be the best YOU can be!  Although people may want to pull you in different directions, be the leader, not the follower!  Since you were three, you have had a love for and a desire to learn God’s word.  Don’t change that…  Keep His word hidden in  your heart.  It’ll be more difficult to do the wrong thing when God is your center!  Emily, your kind, sweet-hearted nature is one that is hard to match.  I LOVE cuddling with you; your hugs are the best!  Your love for learning all things is so encouraging as is your sharp, inquisitive mind.  Your ability to light up a room and charm even the hardest of hearts keeps me smiling!   Just remember, “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

When thinking and dreaming with you about your future, I often think of Queen Esther from the Bible when it was declared that she was sent to redeem and save the Israelites “For such a time as this…”  Both of you has a heaven-sent task and purpose to fulfill.  God has placed YOU in our family, your school, your church, your community, with your friends, playing your sports, enjoying your activities, “For such a time as this…” You were made for a purpose.  Your life is beautiful.  You both are precious.


One thought on “A letter to my girls…

  1. Victoria Gooding

    Christa, that is such a lovely, yet firm communication to your girls. It lets them know exactly where you stand….and what a wonderful thought for them to know that God has a definite plan for their lives and that He has a great purpose for them.

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