Our new addition!


Emily playing with Bo-Bo!

Ok, so I know the title may have been misleading (again), but we did make a cute, cuddly addition to our family a couple weeks ago.  Bo-Bo is our new, orange-striped (or spotted) kitten.  He’s about 3 months old and full of affection and ENERGY!   A couple months ago, Josh and I were playing around with the idea of getting the girls a kitty, and Anna fell in love with an orange kitty at Pet Smart.  Unfortunately, we were unable to adopt that kitty, but we know it’s because we were supposed to wait for Bo-Bo!  We went with my mom (in Pittsburgh) to the shelter there, and Bo-Bo was the first little guy to warm up to us, so that’s the one the girls wanted!  He rode home (a 3-hour trip) with us that afternoon and was quite the trooper!

So far, Bo-Bo has had no major life-threatening incidences although Emily still favors picking him up by his neck…  🙂  Anna loves carrying him around, dressing him up, and giving him rides in the Little People Bus (a toy).  He’s really such a good sport; he even purrs through the madness!  🙂   Bo-Bo loves attention, and the girls definitely give it to him!  Morning, noon, and night he’s the “toy” of choice!  However, when the girls go down for naps or nighttime sleep, he knows that it’s all cuddles for him from either Josh or me.

Anna cuddling with her kitty!


One thought on “Our new addition!

  1. Victoria Gooding

    I am soooo glad that he’s the perfect little kitty for you and particularly the girls. I made Anna’s picture my desktop wall paper, she’s is so cute with Bo-Bo! I knew when you couldn’t get the other cat earlier, God gave us a good reason for it….namely, Bo-Bo!!! I can’t wait to come out to visit again, I miss you all so much! Love you all and many hugs from Mima!!!!

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