Funny Mom Moments-Part 1


My cool, fun-loving girlies!

Ok, so since becoming a mom, my embarrassment gauge seems to tip pretty often!  I want to share some moments that have occurred since December 13, 2007 (Anna’s birthday).  My girls are so hilarious and often do little things that make me laugh or cause me to do some “interesting” things as well!  So, without further introduction, here are some of my favorite funny mommy moments!

Moment #1

We were on vacation with Josh’s parents in Lancaster and Anna was about 1 1/2 years old.  I was pregnant with Emily, and we took a trip down to the pool for a swim.  Since Anna was a little afraid of the pool, she stuck to my neck but really enjoyed herself!  As we were swimming, I noticed some tomato skins floating in the water and assumed that someone vomited in the pool.  All the while I ‘m thinking, “Ew, gross.  Someone REALLY needs to keep up with their kids and clean this up!  NASTY!”  We swam some more, but as I lifted  Anna  out of the pool, I realized that the floating tomato skins were not vomit but coming from Anna’s swimming diaper!  We quickly cleaned it up and left the pool promptly…  🙂

Moment #2

June 2008: We were celebrating a birthday at a friends house that had a trampoline.  Since I’m a kid at heart, I just HAD to jump too!  So, I gave my 6 month old Anna to a friend and I went jumping with some younger kids and teens from the church.  It was a blast until all of a sudden, I felt my pants getting warmer and warmer, and upon touching them, I found that they were WET!!!  I couldn’t believe it myself, but in front of my friends and kids from the church, I totally peed my pants and didn’t even know it!  To make matters worse, I had to ask our host for new pair of jeans because mine were SOAKED!  Seriously…  The things you don’t know or experience until you’ve had a baby!  🙂

I’m sure there will be more to come soon…  🙂


One thought on “Funny Mom Moments-Part 1

  1. Victoria Gooding

    Christa, that is hilarious!! Not to mention a bit embarrassing, but that’s only a tiny bit of what God has given us…a sense of humor! Thank you for sharing both of those stories and I wait breathlessly for more……

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