A servant’s heart


Emily and Daddy!

One of the greatest lessons I can teach my girls is to have a servant’s heart.  Now, this may mean different things to different people, but for me, it has one meaning but a variety of demonstrations.  To have a servant’s heart to me means that others come before self.  We see this in service at a church, giving to others without expecting a thank you or return for the favor, helping someone in need, as well as a variety of other means.  Growing up, I had a bookmark that signified personal priority perfectly: J– Jesus  O– Others  Y– You  (when you put others first, you can find true joy)!

As Emily’s birthday gets closer, I’m thinking of all the great things that make her so special and unique.  She is definitely one little lady who demonstrates having a servant’s heart, especially when it comes to her big sister, Anna.  Just today, Anna asked me to get her a tissue because her nose keeps dripping, but before I could even make my way back to the bathroom, Emily had a tissue in hand to give to Anna.  She said, “Here you go!”  🙂  Most of the time when Anna “wants” something, Emily will be on her way to serve her sister.  It’s so encouraging to see Emily have such a giving spirit, and it’s something I hope the Lord will continue to cultivate in her.  As Emily approaches her second birthday, I pray God’s best for her this year and in years to come.  Thank you, Emily, for being such a great example of a servant’s heart; you encourage me!


One thought on “A servant’s heart

  1. Rachel

    Our kids never cease to amaze us, do they? I’m so glad to hear that even at such a young age, your girls demonstrate a Christ-like heart! But I’m not really surprised because I’m sure they are only behaving in a manner that they see everyday in their Mommy and Daddy! Keep up the great parenting Christa and Josh!

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