Happiness? Part 2


Sometimes, I forget that “the joy of the Lord is my strength.”  Too often, I allow circumstances, what others think, fatigue, and negative influences get in the way of true joy and happiness that can only come from a relationship with Jesus and a commitment to obeying the voice of the Lord.  One of our core values in our family is to obey Daddy and Mommy so that later in life we [our kids] will have a better chance of hearing from their Heavenly Father and obey Him and the direction in which He leads.   When we live a life pleasing to the Lord, no amount of money, fame, popularity, or the right dress size will be able to match the innermost peace and joy that comes!   Too often, we (when I say “we,” I mean myself as well) place unnecessary pressure on children to be perfect, choose the “right” high paying job, get that A no matter the cost, squeeze into that size 2 dress, follow the rules ALL the time, hit that game winning home run… Then, and only then, will they (our kids) be happy, and by golly, so will I as your parent!

I’m challenging myself to do a better job at being overjoyed with and loving my kids because they are my kids, not because of their good (or bad) behavior, not because they obey and follow the rules, but because they are two (soon to be three) of the most beautiful creations made in the very image of my Savior.  Isn’t that how the Lord delights in me?  He sees me, my faults, my failures, and still He gently leads me, loving the praise I offer Him and encouraging me to continue being me in spite of, well, being me.  Lord, help me to delight in, have joy in, and to be 100% happy with my children for I desire to walk in your steadfast example!


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