What Not to Wear!


So, Anna has become my new fashion consultant.  There have been several times in the last few months in which she has either criticized or asked me to change my clothes.  She has also been known to choose “cute shirts” for me in a store, and she doesn’t stop with me.  Anna often makes comments about Emily and Josh and the wardrobe they are wearing!

Since being pregnant again, I have naturally been wearing maternity shirts and pants.  One day, I was heading to a meeting, and I wore a pinstripe shirt.  Anna asked me to change saying I looked like “a manager.”  Not sure why looking like a manager was so bad, but she obviously thought so!

Just today, I was cleaning and had to take the girls to school.  I put on a pair of warm up pants and a tee shirt, but that wasn’t good enough for Anna.  She asked, “Are you wearing that to school?”  Oooops!!  So, I took a quick shower and put on a more appropriate outfit!  Sheesh!  🙂

I do wish that Anna would take her own fashion advice, but one thing I can say about her is that she is super creative when it comes to choosing her own outfits!  She loves to change her clothes frequently, but Anna does LOVE being comfortable in her “softie pants.”  I’m hoping this is one wardrobe addition we can faze out because she really only has jeans for the fall and winter seasons, and I’m not planning to buy her any more!!  🙂  While Anna can be opinionated, I know God is going to use her strong will for His glory!  She’s a girl who knows what she wants, what she likes, and what she needs!  I wouldn’t have her any other way!


2 thoughts on “What Not to Wear!

  1. Ellen

    Anna is just to funny, I really do smile every time I think of her. You could write a whole book just sharing your experiences with her and her little quips 🙂 I’m sure there are many moms that can relate, maybe they’re not all fashionista’s but they all have a common thread, sharing their opinion at every turn 🙂
    I agree, it’s a wonderful thing that she knows exactly what she wants, that will certainly help her when peer pressure comes into play. God has gifted her with great leadership qualities, it’ll be wonderful to see how He uses them for His honor & glory as she grows up. I know there are great challenges raising a strong leader for God and I will continue to pray for wisdom for you and Josh as you raise her. As of course I always do pray for each of the mommies and daddies we have in our family and for each of the grandkids, they all have their own very special gifts from God and He has wonderful purposes and plans for each one of them.
    I know parenting is very hard work but it’s also the most rewarding work you’ll ever do, so you’ll always need wisdom and strengh, and I will always be here praying for you.
    Love you

  2. Victoria Gooding

    I wish we lived closer, but your descriptions and stories are excellent and help me feel not so far away! I agree with Ellen, you will have a challenging time with Anna’s assertiveness, but I also feel that God has you and Josh in His perfect hand and that your children will grow up to be strong witnesses for God. It won’t be easy for sure, but at least you know from where your strength comes.
    I love you all!!!

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