It’s a BOY!


The "big" sisters!

Although it’s probably common knowledge, I just thought I’d reiterate that our 3rd baby (still due February 29) is a BOY!  We are so excited!  Up until the day we went in for the sonogram, I had an inkling that this baby was “different.”  I wasn’t quite as sick but instead, I was COMPLETELY exhausted (and still am most days).  October 6, we (Josh, Grandma, and I) went to the ultrasound center to see our little bundle of joy, and we were pleasantly pleased that everything seems to be in good working order.  So, for the actual sonogram, an intern was “learning” on me, so while it took a long time (almost 2 1/2 hours), it was such a blessing to be able to see our sweet boy!  When the gender was confirmed, I had a tear in my eye as I recognized just how much the Lord sees and hears the desires of my heart.  Although I would have been ecstatic with a third little lady, my heart was set on a having baby boy!

When we came home to share the news with the girls and Papa, Anna’s response was, “I knew that, mommy.”  (Imagine a small amount of attitude with that statement) “I’m having a baby brother.”  And, thankfully, I think we have successfully averted the name “Toby” with both of the girls.  We talk other names with them, and Anna Emily seem to like those choices as well.

Speaking of names for the little man, we have a few options so far, and although this may not be a comprehensive list, feel free to give your opinion!  Here it goes: Nathaniel, Benjamin, Zane (my personal favorite), and Evan.  His middle name will be Joshua (naturally), so we’re only contemplating the first name now.  I favor names that have meanings concerning God’s grace, goodness, or faithfulness, because we are so grateful for each of our sweet gifts!  🙂


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