I remember saying this phrase once as a teenager, “Wow, I haven’t sinned in a long time.”  What a seriously STUPID comment to make!  🙂  It was at that point in which I consciously remember God beginning a work in me concerning this concept of grace.  Through our short years of ministry, I have seen grace demonstrated as well as abused.  As a teacher, grace was extended to me frequently, and I may have been too gracious or not gracious enough with students, parents and coworkers at times.  And, as a parent, let’s just say that grace has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

Throughout my kitchen I have verses displayed, and many of them encourage grace and gracious words to be spoken.  These verses are daily reminders for me because before my kiddos could speak and effectively communicate with me, I thought I had the whole grace idea pretty controlled and I felt victorious in this.  But, when the words and attitudes began (and often continue), and I respond in anger when I’m annoyed or frustrated, tired, or hungry (these days), I am once again reminded of my oh so desperate need to demonstrate grace.  So, I ask for forgiveness for my graceless attitude, discipline my sweet child (or both depending on what happened), and try to move on without internally beating myself up!

I’ve heard it said before that “in order to extend grace to others, I need to be mindful of the immense grace given to me.”  When Jesus took on human likeness to walk this life as I walk it today, when He took my sins, my shame, and my pain upon the cross, He did it with grace.  He didn’t have to.  He wanted to.  Because of His deep, intense love for me, He can look past my nasty attitude, burnt meal, harmful word spoken, and sinful thought.  As I look to Him for grace, may grace abound even more in me because the grace extended here is beyond measure.

One thought on “Grace

  1. Victoria Gooding

    I absolute love this entry. It is exceptionally well written and brings home the danger of taking God’s grace for granted. We so often don’t pay attention to the things we say and DON’T say that can hurt others and when we forget about the price Jesus paid for our grace, it makes our lives so much more difficult. Hope I made sense there….

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