Quotable Quotes from Anna


Anna (almost 4 years old)

Since Anna was born, she has been the light of our lives!  Her birthday is tomorrow (December 13), and she will be FOUR (yes, FOUR) years old!  I can hardly believe how quickly time has passed, but I do continue to look forward to more years of great excitement with Anna in our lives.  I remember a time in which I was anxiously awaiting Anna’s first words.  Now, I enjoy having full conversations with her, listening to her talk or mimic what she’s heard, and singing.  To honor her birthday, I wanted to write a few “quotable quotes” Anna has graced us with over the years.

-“Mommy, I love to sniff you.”

-“Emily, you be God and I’ll be baby Jesus.”

-“Hold you me!” (Instead of “hold me” when she wants to be held.  And yes, she STILL says that!)

-When she wakes up from sleeping, we always ask her what she dreams about…  Anna says, “Butchie (her blanket), monkey, and mommy.”

-“Mommy, the baby will come out when I press your belly button and you open your mouth.”  (Yikes…  If she only knew!)

-“Broccoli will make me a beautiful princess.”  (Thus, EVERY green veggie is broccoli!)

-Today (December 13, 2011), Anna proclaimed, “I’m not 3 anymore.  I’m 4, and I’m not a little girl anymore!”  (YES, YOU ARE!!!!)

Anna, you have brought so much fun, excitement, growth, and joy to our lives the past 4 years.  I will never be the same because you are in my life!  I’m blessed to be your mommy.  Happy 4th birthday to my 1st baby!



One thought on “Quotable Quotes from Anna

  1. Victoria Gooding

    That is so cute! You can certainly see that Anna has a sense of humor, intelligence and an awesome imagination!! I can’t wait to see her, Emily and you & Josh on Friday!!!! Happy Birthday to Anna, my first granddaughter 🙂

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