Conversations about Heaven



Anna is now four years old and FULL of questions about everything.  I’m pretty sure her favorite word lately is “why?”  Although her questions may not be asked at the greatest times- like when I’m on the phone, having a conversation with Josh, or in the middle of the night, we try to be sensitive to what she’s thinking and answer her to the best of our ability.  Lately, her questions have taken a spiritual perspective, and it’s so neat to see how she processes God’s work in her life.  I wanted to write out a couple of her questions because they are so precious!  🙂

– “When can I see God?”

– “Can I take my butchie (blanket) and monkey to heaven with me?”

– “Do I have to wear a coat to heaven?”

– “What does Jesus look like?”

– “Can I take everyone to heaven with me?”

As you can see, Anna is an inquisitive little lady with lots of life and energy!  May God continue to bless her and all of our kiddos as they question and gain perspective about their eternal life.


One thought on “Conversations about Heaven

  1. Victoria

    I love your blogs, they’re always fascinating, sometimes funny (frequently funny!), and so well written!! Anyhow, I too am amazed at how quick and perceptive Anna is becoming and growing into a wonderful young lady. I see that Emily is also showing signs of her delightfully rich intellect. As parents, you and Josh are raising your children to be strong in their beliefs, and it shows. May God continue to bless you more and more each day in the adventure of raising children!! I love you all!

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