Pregnant… with children


Waiting for snow and their baby brother!

Ok, so the title may sound a little silly.  You may say, “Well, duh, Christa.  What else would you be pregnant with?” I would, of course, agree with you.  However, I wanted to recount some of the musings between my girls and me as I have been pregnant with our third baby.  Surprisingly, Emily has chimed in on some these quotes, so I’ll make sure I give each one credit for their specific ideas!

Emily: “Mommy? I need to lay down. My baby keeps kicking me.”

Anna: “Is our baby coming out today?” (This has been said EVERY day for the last month or so.)  “No, Anna.  He’s not ready yet.”  **Said in a sad voice** “But, mommy, can’t you just push him out?”

Emily: “Mommy?  Is baby boy kickin’ you?”  (Said as she’s lovingly stroking my belly…)

Anna: (During nap time, which is now on the couch for her, Anna has been putting her monkey up her shirt pretending that he is the baby in her belly.  “Anna, what are you doing?”  She replies, “Having a monkey.”  🙂

Anna: “Does daddy have a baby in his belly?”  LOL!!!  🙂

Anna: “After this baby, I want you to have a girl so I can name her ‘Do Dah.'”  (Uh, sorry.  Not taking requests at this time!)

As much as these are funny and cute, I truly enjoy being able to share these moments with my girls.  As I look to the future and imagine their own babies, I hope they will allow me to share special moments with them as they experience the “blood, sweat, tears, and joys” of pregnancy!  🙂


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