The Greatest Story


Anna in an "interesting" outfit!

One of the greatest joys in life for me is to introduce and lead others into a relationship with Jesus.  As a Christian, I believe this is by far the most important decision anyone can make, and last night, Anna made that choice and prayed about it herself.

For the past year and a half, Anna has asked questions about Jesus, God, and expressed that she would like to go to heaven.  We explained the way to heaven to be with Jesus is to ask Him to be “boss” of her life and ask Him into her heart.  Up until yesterday, she didn’t really want to pray about it, and we felt that we shouldn’t push it until she was ready and had an understanding of what she meant when she prayed.  On the way home from visiting two folks in the hospital (we like taking the girls so that they can have a heart of compassion and comfort for others), Anna asked if “we could go to heaven tomorrow.”  Josh and I both tried our best to tell her that no one knows when Jesus will take us to heaven, but we should always be ready to go.  Anna then said that she wanted to be ready to go to heaven, and asked what she needed to do to be ready.  I told her that she should pray and tell Jesus that she wanted to go to heaven to be with Him and that she was sorry for the bad things that she does.  Anna was silent for about a minute, and said, “Ok, I’m ready to go to heaven now!”  Josh and I looked at each other, and we asked her how she knew she was ready.  She replied, “Well, I just prayed in my heart, and Jesus said I could go to heaven now!”  YAY!

When we arrived at the house, the girls were getting ready for bed, and I pulled Anna to her bed, and she prayed the prayer she prayed in her heart while traveling home.  It was a seriously sweet prayer, and I’m sure heaven rejoiced to hear the innocent prayer of an incredible little girl inviting Jesus to be the Lord of her life.  I’m confident that she understands what it means, and I continue to look ahead to see just how God will continue to use her to bless others as she has blessed me!


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