The comforter


Anna napping! After last night, she certainly needs the rest!

Ok, so let me honest.  Last night was a rough one in our house.  Both girls (who now room together) had several meltdowns in the middle of the night along with potty breaks, so sleep pretty much eluded this 9 1/2 preggo mommy!

**Josh played with the girls for a couple hours this morning, so I could get some sleep back.   What an awesome guy!**

As I was lying awake at 3:30 am making sure all was quiet and well again, I began to think of the amazing privilege it is to be their comforter.  Trust me, I’m not saying I enjoy the title all the time.  In fact, I rather prefer to be playing the role of comforter  during a more convenient time, like say, during the daytime hours.  However, it is such an act of trust that my girls bestow upon me by calling, “Mommy, I need you,” when they are scared, moody, or need to use the potty no matter the time of day.

It reminds me of the comforter that Jesus said He would send in His place before He ascended into heaven so many years ago.  The Holy Spirit doesn’t run on a time schedule, in fact, when we call upon Him, the response is immediate if we are willing and open to receive.

I’m certainly not perfect at this whole comforting thing.  In fact, I’m sure I can be snippy and short when I’ve comforted “too much.”  However, I’ve come to a new realization  (yes, at 3:30 am)…  I will strive to be a more patient and kind comforter to my children.  No matter the need or time of day!  😉


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