Happy 3rd Birthday, Emily!


The birthday girl!

Our second-born, sweet Emily has her 3rd birthday today!  On her special day, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the attributes that make my sweet pea (Emily) so wonderful and unique!  First of all, Emily was the only baby born in the evening hours (8:36 pm), and she was born on a Sunday!  She was born with a headful of dark brown hair that later fell out and became blonde.  So far, she’s our only one with curly hair!  Emily is incredibly lovable and friendly with others, and I think this is one of her best qualities!  Her compassion and sweetness light up my day!  However, Emily can also “hold her own.”  She’s not a huge fan of being pushed around by her older sister and isn’t afraid to stick up for herself!  Emily enjoys playing with Anna, and they play so well together.  But, Emily also really likes playing by herself and pretending that she’s a beautiful princess!

I’m so grateful for the days I have spent with Emily, and I look forward to MANY more!

Lord, bless my Emily today.  Give her a double portion of your blessing now and forever.  Enable her to have the courage to do the right thing even when others are not.  Help her to be a leader and to lead others to you!  Keep her sweet, and guard her heart!  Thank you for her life because it is such a gift!  Amen.


2 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday, Emily!

  1. Carol Burkholder

    She is well named. I thought that I was reading about my Emily (except for the curly hair) when I read this. I pray that she will continue to be a blessing to you as my Emily has been to me.

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