Price tags



We make it a priority to pray with our kids before they go to bed.  Often, our kids are jumping up and down on the bed, poking each other, and/or scowling at either us or the other sibling doing the poking.  Last week, I was thanking God for “each of our children because they are such a gift to us.”  Anna must have been intently listening while making faces at Emily because after my prayer, she asked, “Mommy, if I’m a gift, where’s my price tag?”  

Such an innocent question, but one whose answer is chock full of God’s truth for her.  I answered her, “Oh, Anna.  You don’t have a price tag because you are PRICELESS.  You are worth more than any money could buy.  I think so, daddy thinks so, but most importantly, God thinks so.”  She went to sleep with a look of peace and contentment that night, but it kept me in check because I want to always tell and express to my children just how much they are worth to me.  

Anna, Emily, and Caleb: You are priceless because you were bought with a price by Jesus when He gave His life for you on the Cross.  You are priceless because He defeated sin by rising again, and He did all of it with each of you on His mind.  You are priceless because you are all God’s greatest gift to daddy and me.  You have challenged us to be better people.  Your life has given us hope when we weren’t sure there was hope.  You changed us to be more of the people of God HE has called us to be.  We love and adore you and truly do thank God everyday for you, our most precious gifts.  Your price tag doesn’t exist because of Christ’s sacrifice but also because of our love for you!  




2 thoughts on “Price tags

  1. Ellen

    I have to say, I can’t tell you the last time I’ve read anything so beautiful, God’s word excluded! What a gift you are giving your children by writting these beautiful letters to them. Thank you so much for allowing us to read them too. You’re have a wonderful way with words. You are a precious gift to me and I thank God for you.

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