Blessed to be a blessing.  It’s a phrase I’ve coined over and over again in church ministry and even in my job as a public school teacher.  However, I’m finding it takes on a whole new meaning as I endeavor to be simply, “mom.”  There’s no question in my mind that I’m overwhelmingly blessed, but I don’t often take the time to recount the ways in which I am so deeply and profoundly blessed.  Maybe it’s because of the the stress and busyness of “life.”  Well, that stops… NOW!  As “mom,” I AM blessed to be a blessing to my family even in the mundane, everyday tasks.  Here are a few ways I am blessed…

1. Watching them all (and yes, I even mean Josh) play together.  It means they mostly “like” each other.

2.  Folding laundry, which is my LEAST favorite chore, but I’m choosing to see the blessing, so here it goes: It means I was able to give birth to 3 fabulous bodies to clothe.  Grateful everyday for this privilege.

3.  Waking up to take Anna to the potty in the middle of the night means she doesn’t wet the bed.  🙂

4.  Rest time gives momma time to blog about her fabulous kiddos so they can forever remember their childhood and the crazy lady who takes care of them!

5.  Taking my kids to the playground means that the Lord has blessed us with some active, energetic little ones!  And, yes, that IS a blessing!  🙂

6.  Making desserts: Because what Fowler wouldn’t like a dessert?!  I’m grateful for the incredible man God gave us to be daddy (to them) and studmuffin (to me, of course) who simply cannot resist having his sweet tooth satisfied!

I’m purposing even more to find the ways in which I am blessed and am encouraging my kiddos to do the same.  “Wow, mom.  Look at that beeeeeautiful tulip,” says Anna.  She’s awesome at finding beauty in the “small” things.  🙂


3 thoughts on “#Blessed

  1. Christa I love that phrase – blessed to be a blessing. I want to be a blessing in my facebook group, with our leaders, and also as I sub. That’s why I do it – it’s all ministry but it takes on a new light for me reading your blog today. So henceforth I am blessed to be a blessing. Hugs. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Leader)

  2. I love this concept of “blessed to be a blessing” as “mom.” I haven’t always been greatful for my role as mom. Your perspective on this is encouraging and motivating. I need to implement this thinking into my everyday mundane tasks of being mom as well!

  3. I’m with you on the laundry deal, it is one of my least favorite things as well. I remind myself that I am blessed because we all have clothes on our backs, and a multitude of them! I am also thankful that I can wash and dry them in beautiful high speed washer and dryer instead of having to take them down to the local river and beat them on a rock or scrub them by hand in a big wash tub, wring them out through a ringer, hang them on a big clothes line in the backyard, and then fold them all. Being a stay at home mom can feel mundane at times, and I try all the time to see the blessings in the everyday. Thanks for sharing yours.

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