I’m stepping out!


Ok, kiddos…  You know your mommy.  I love to talk, play games (especially in the pool), and generally have fun.  We sing, dance, dress up, take walks, have movie nights, and so much more.  One thing you may not know about me though…  I’m pretty insecure.  I care too much about how others see me.  I worry that I’m not a great mom and that I stink at raising you guys.  I’ve even lay awake at night recounting the missteps I took, vowing to do better the next day, but it’s something the Lord is working on – in and through me. 


If there’s one thing I do value over anything else it would be obedience, namely to the Lord.  We talk to you three A LOT about obeying mommy and daddy, but the purpose isn’t necessarily so that we can lord our authority over you.  Rather, it’s to help you later better discern the voice of the Lord and obey His directions for your life.


Over the last few months, I’ve been feeling like I needed to start a community group with other moms and families in our neighborhood.  Since we usually play in our backyard and there’s really only one family with kids we regularly play with, we don’t have too many other connections with neighborhood families.  Sure, we wave and say “Hi” to everyone on our walks, but there’s no real relationship taking place on our part.  Well, that’s about to change… Or, at least, for us and anyone else interested!  🙂  This group has no connection to the church (where, of course, I feel very comfortable) or formal ministry.  Just our family… Uh oh.  It was amazing how incredibly insecure I became.  It took probably about 2 months for me to say, “Ok, God.  I hear you.  What’s the next step?”  From that point it took me 2 weeks to tell daddy my new venture.  From THAT time, it took me 2 MORE weeks to actually go out and buy invitations.  I wrote them out the next week, and just two days ago, we went around to houses I knew had kids at home and knocked on their door to talk and give them an invitation.  


Whew.  You’d think I’d feel better about the whole thing…  WRONG!  Tomorrow marks our first “playdate” here (we’re trying to do Thursday mornings for the summer months).  I’ve had butterflies in my stomach and a prayer on my heart.  I’m longing for moms to know they are not alone.  I pray that through the messiness of my own life, I can bring restoration and hope to others.  I don’t know how it’ll turn out, but I’m STEPPING OUT in obedience to the Lord!  


2 thoughts on “I’m stepping out!

  1. Victoria Gooding

    You’re the most wonderful mom and your children are absolutely awesome!!! Have a great day tomorrow, I know you’ll have a blast!!

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