A ball at the zoo


IMG_0693Last Friday,  Josh and I took the kiddos to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., and we all had SUCH a fabulous time!  It’s so exciting to see what they all seemed to enjoy seeing, and knowing it changes from year to year, depending on what’s been on their mind.  You see, Anna has REALLY been enjoying the water and swimming, so her most favorite exhibit was the seals and sea lions.  She could have watched them swim all day!  Emily really loved the sea lions and seals too, but her most favorite were the elephants.  Why?  I don’t quite know, other than we were pretty up close and personal with them!  And, sweet Caleb…  Want to know what caught HIS eye?  Yep.  Ducks.  But, let me be clear.  EVERY bird to him was a duck because he quacked at them all.  Flamingos (quack), toucans (quack), parrots (quack), sparrows (yes… quack).IMG_0705

I seriously treasure these times with my family, and I’m so glad my partner in crime (Josh) is such a studmuffin.  He’s so fabulous with the kids!!

I’m really trying to do a better job keeping up with this blog as it has the potential to help us remember some awesome times with our family!IMG_0706


2 thoughts on “A ball at the zoo

  1. Ellen

    I always LOVE reading your blogs!! You always make me smile and I love that you are keeping your memories with the family so beautifully. You and Josh are making some wonderful memories for the kids to have and they will always treasure them as will you. Love & miss you 🙂

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