4 years ago…

Emily Grace

Emily Grace


Four years ago, I woke up at 3:30 am knowing my labor began.  It was a Sunday, so I went to Sunday School, pacing the floors, making sure my labor wasn’t false.  Since it wasn’t too bad, I continued through the morning, worshiping God and teaching children about Him and His truths.  Finally, I couldn’t take the pain anymore and went home, eagerly awaiting daddy and Anna.  Daddy took me into the Chambersburg Hospital @ 1 pm, and you were born at 8:33 that evening.

Emily almost 3

Emily almost 3

Emily Grace Fowler, from the moment I knew you were in my belly, I knew your name. You were definitely my Emily, and at that time, I was HOPING you were a girl (when we knew that, your name was sealed!!).  You have brought SO much life, bubbly-ness, laughter, and FUN into our home ever since the day you were born.  Thank you for being my child with SO many nicknames… Memzie, Doodles, Gracie, and other variations.  Thank you for always sleeping so well.  Thank you for your sweet and kind disposition.  Thank you for being so friendly and opening your heart to people from all walks of life.  Thank you for being SO cuddly and warm.

Emily's 1st time on the potty!

Emily’s 1st time on the potty!

Today, we celebrate YOU!  Please know how much you are loved.  We anticipate nothing but God’s BEST for you as you continue to grow into the little girl God created you to be.  I LOVE YOU, YES YOU!

Sweet baby Emily!

Sweet baby Emily!


Emily was 5 days old... Such a sweetie!

Emily was 5 days old… Such a sweetie!

One thought on “4 years ago…

  1. Ellen

    So Sweet, I lovehow you keep the memories alive! Emily, I couldn’t love you more! I LOVE the TIGHT squeezes you always give me around my neck, and your smile that lights up a room. You love life and that shows in everything you do. Happy Birthday sweet Emily! Love, grandma 🙂

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