Anna’s Bible



We bought Anna her first Bible when she was a small baby.  It’s one of those cute Bibles… Pink with a sheep on the front.  I imagined that Anna would keep and treasure this Bible, you know keep it nice and clean.  Well, that is not the case.  You see, she LOVES to underline words, write in the margins, and highlight as she “reads.”

And, we couldn’t be more thrilled about Anna being intentional about God’s Word.  Now, remember she’s only 5 and while she can’t read well yet, she LOVES to carry and “teach” from the Bible.  We’ll often find her in the backyard playing with our neighbors only to see her dart inside the house to grab her pink, sheep-covered Bible and pencil so she can “teach” them about God’s Word and how much He loves them.

Last night, she told a friend, “I just LOVE reading the Bible before going to bed.  He helps me sleep.”  And when we woke up this morning, Josh found Anna curled up on the couch with her butchie (blanket), reading her Bible.

I pray this enthusiasm for the Word NEVER leaves my daughter.  I pray her zeal and love for the Lord and the people within her realm of influence will be unshakeable.  Will you pray along with me?


One thought on “Anna’s Bible

  1. Ellen

    Yes, yes, yes!!! Well at least when I get the tears out of my eyes 🙂 Christa that’s beautiful thanks for sharing that. God is already using that little girl in a mighty way and I pray also with you that that never stops. I am praying with you. Love you

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