I wish you could have known her


Oh, how I wish you could have really known her, the way I did.  Her kind eyes…  The way she could NEVER work in her good clothes or shoes (she always had to change even if her guests already saw her soiled duds)… Her supportive smile… The way she always tapped on the steering wheel and hummed to the music on the radio as she drove her Buick… Her no-nonsense attitude toward life… Her whole-hearted devotion to her husband… The way she worked diligently, without complaining (most of the time)…

Kiddos, I wish you could have known my gram.  Just two days ago, she passed from this life, being united with Jesus in heaven above and reunited with her beloved husband.  And, oh, I do wish you could have had the opportunity to really know “her.”  Here’s a few things she’s passed on:

~ Ice cream cones…  Not that it’s an original idea or anything, but she would OFTEN treat us to ice cream atop cake cones from her freezer on a hot, summer day.

~ A joyful swim…  I learned to swim and LOVE the water under her care.  It’s a gift I want to pass on to you as well.

~ Coffee and coffee ice cream…  And you thought YOU were the first ones to bum coffee off of someone?  No WAY!  I would ask for a “sip,” too!  And, when I would spend the nights at her home, she would treat me to a heaping bowl of coffee ice cream while we watched her and Theresa’s “stories.”  Mmmmmmmm, yummy!

~ Opening our home…  I LOVE to have people over, feed them food, and have fun while doing it.  My gram (and pap) always welcomed people, literally over a hundred at a time (sometimes) to their house.  And, it certainly felt like home to me.

~ Picking strawberries…  One of my favorite things to do with her, but maybe it’s because I ate them as I picked.  Does that sound like two little girls I know?  🙂

Now, these are only some small and seemingly insignificant ways my gram poured into my life.  But, these are also some of my greatest memories as a child.  I remember quick jaunts to the outhouse because there was no P in her “ool” (according to the sign she had posted on the fence of the pool).  I remember summertime swimming, playing in the creek, and eating tomatoes from the garden and green, unripe grapes from the vine (ooops, always got in trouble for that one).  All of these memories have gram right at the center.  She was a friend when I needed to talk (I still know her phone number by heart).  She taught me how to work hard and have fun while doing it.  She showed me how to forgive and to trust again and again, yes, even if it hurts again and again.

I wish you could have know her, but perhaps you already do because part of her lives in me.



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