The first day!


KINDERGARTEN!Yesterday was Anna’s first day of kindergarten.  She chose her outfit (last week), I packed her lunch and backpack, styled her hair, and the whole family drove her down the street to her school.  No tears from her (maybe a few from me…  carefully shielded by my oversized shades) and she triumphantly walked in.  I *may* have drove by twice just to catch a glimpse of her on the playground, and I prayed all day long for her heart and mind.  You see, I understand the great play for her soul, and I thought she didn’t, until Emily and I walked down to the school to retrieve her.

When she came out, she quickly found us, running and ready to go home.  As we leisurely strolled home, she told me of her day.  What struck me the most though…  She said, “Mommy?  You know what I missed the most?  Prayers.  They didn’t pray at school, and I missed that.”  My. Heart. Melted.  She missed talking with Jesus.  She missed someone leading her throughout the day in communion with the Savior.  I took the opportunity to share with her that although she doesn’t see people praying at school, SHE can pray and share with others about Jesus.

It’s so important to pray for our kids as they traverse through life.  They will be faced with innumerable amounts of distractions in the world, but I pray that in our home, our children will find peace, prayerful parents, and grace.

Anna, I pray that your heart will always be soft and desperate to meet with your God.  He’s always there, waiting for you, yearning to spend time with you, blessing you, guiding you.  I believe He’s created you to be woman of prayer and worship…  You can meet with God ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, even in kindergarten.

Psalm 42 1, 2

As the deer pants for streams of water,
    so my soul pants for you, my God.
My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
    When can I go and meet with God?


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