The Rock


Well, school is underway, and we’re finally settling into a routine.  Well, sort of.  You see the last couple of weeks have had, well, let me put it this way… A couple of hiccups.  Let me start with some awesome stuff!!!  Emily absolutely LOVES preschool and is quite the social butterfly.  Her teachers tell me everyday of something sweet and kind Emily does to be a friend to someone in the class.  🙂  There’s something so incredibly compassionate and kind about my sweet Emily, and it’s so wonderful that she’s extending the love of Jesus to to other little kiddos. 

Well, here’s where the bumps in the road begin.  Anna started kindergarten and all was going pretty well until I kept hearing about a little girl who was calling Anna “mean girl.”  This, of course, hurt Anna’s feelings, and I did my best to ward of the “momma lion” beast that raged inside, encouraging us all as a family to pray for this little girl and Anna to be extra nice to her because she may be dealing with something at home.  When Anna came home 3 days in a row about this situation, I felt it best to email the teacher who had a conference with the two girls.  Whew.  Crisis averted right?  NOPE!  The very next time they played outside, the little girl threatened to “kick [Anna] in the face” because she was on the monkey bars.  So, with another email, the teacher again sweetly talked with the two ladies, telling them to avoid each other until we can “all be nice.”  

Talk  about sending my baby into a den of lions!!  Then, to make it all super fun, poor Anna came down with a sore throat and fever that kept her out of school for THREE days.  And then, two days later, an ear infection sets in!  Poor girl is trying hard to make this week her first FULL week of kindergarten.  Let’s just say our kindergarten experience has been rocky, to say the least.  

As much as I wanted to fret, worry, and unleash my momma beast, I was continually reminded of my job not only as a “mom” and protector, but also my responsibility to be Christ’s example to  teachers, my kids, other parents, as well as people in the community.  It would have been so EASY for me to be all crazy and whiny and entitled, but man, I’m so glad I listened to the gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit.  “Pray for those who persecute you…  Anna, let’s pray for this little girl.”  Oh, the peace that surrounded us in that moment(s) was indescribable.  It wasn’t that the problem went or goes away, but our perspective changed.  Our eyes saw and still see this little girl as someone who probably needs Jesus.  

I pray that as more and more situations arise, I, as mommy, Christ-follower, friend, community member, and wife would remember Isaiah 26:3-4, “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You.  Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord is Rock Eternal.”  Because it is truly ONLY in Him that we can trust, place our hope…


2 thoughts on “The Rock

  1. Ellen

    What a GREAT mommy, Christ-follower, friend, community member, and wife you are! I’m so proud of you for doing the hard things as a mommy, it is probably one of the hardest things to do releasing our children to leave our home and be influenced and sometimes attacked by others. But what a BEAUTIFUL example you are to your children, friends, community and husband of what it looks like to be Christ in your everyday life and to do your best to keep the fleshly part of you in check and seek what Christ would have you do in EVERY situation no matter how hard it is. Poor little Anna, so sorry she’s had such a hard start in school, it certainly could have given her a reason to not want to go, but she has a good mommy that’s helped her to have a great perspective on how to handle the hard things and people we have to deal with in life 🙂 I love & miss you!

  2. Ellen

    I forgot to say before that I also love Emily’s tender heart, she is very loving and I can just see her being that little social butterfly 🙂

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