Like fresh water


ImageOver this past year, I have been on a reading plan to read the Bible through in a year.  Just yesterday, I was struck, challenged, and encouraged by a passage from Ezekiel 47.  Pretty obscure, right?  Well, pretty much the gist of the passage is that there is a salty river that flows through the temple, but as it exits the temple and becomes deeper, instead of salt water, there’s fresh water.  Fresh water that encourages trees to grow along the shore.  Fresh water that teems with many kinds of fish.  Fresh water that feeds fruit trees whose leaves do not wither and “every month will bear fruit because the water from the sanctuary flows to them.”

Wouldn’t it be great if the “river” that flowed through my house, church, and family be FRESH, growing LIFE wherever it goes?  What a challenge to me personally…  Is my “river” salty, killing hopes, dreams, ideas, and God-given purpose in the lives of the people I meet, my kids, my husband?  Or is my “river” teeming with LIFE?  Is it FRESH and full of words of encouragement, acts of kindness coupled with good deeds, and a countenance overflowing with praise and worship?

May my home be one in which those who enter will leave refreshed.  May our church be one that when broken people walk in, they leave WHOLE.  May my family be one that whoever we have relationship with would be encouraged with the LIFE that flows in and through us.


2 thoughts on “Like fresh water

  1. Ellen

    That’s beautiful and yes very challenging. I want that for all of the people that God allows into my life too, may I always allow God to use me to speak life not death, to be a blessing and not a curse. Thanks for sharing the great word God gave you. Love you!

  2. Victoria Gooding

    I try so hard to be a blessing, but I’m having such a difficult time with not having time to give to myself to be able to think on God’s words, I covet all prayers now. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with everything that I think I have to be doing for everyone else! Is it really that important? I’ll venture to say “no”, I need to take the time to prioritize my minutes/hours so that God has the most important place AND time in my life….THEN I can be a blessing to others!! Thank you, Christa, for sharing your wisdom! I love you!

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