I’m not one for theatrics, but I just have to share about the GOOD, GRACIOUS HEALING I experienced before church Sunday morning.


So, not many people knew this about me, but over the last few months, I have been dealing with tendinitis (I’m pretty sure) and carpal tunnel syndrome (which I know for sure) in my right arm and hand.  It has been painful to type, to pull drinks out of our fridge, to handwrite, and to play the piano, which quite frankly, has been the most devastating aspect of this ailment.  Saturday night, our family and another family went bowling, and we had a BLAST!!  It was a ton of fun, but I felt the nerves in my right hand instantly twinge on that first throw of the ball.  My heart sank.  I knew I was in for a doozy of game, but I kept my cool and bowled the night away (I got a 108… with bumpers 😉 ).

Since I lead worship from the piano at church, I was fearful of what the morning would bring in terms of pain, and unfortunately, I was correct.  My hand was numb and very painful when I tried to stretch it during worship practice.  After we were finished, the men on the worship team laid hands on my hurting hand and prayed in faith for my healing.  “You say to the mountain ‘be removed’ and so it shall be…  we say, ‘this hand is healed in Jesus’ name,” one man prayed confidently.

I went onto my other morning tasks, one of which was to take a full pitcher of water down the steps for the kids’ snacks later that morning.  Halfway down the stairs, I realized I felt absolutely no pain!  I ran down the steps, put the pitcher down and circled my wrist, NO PAIN!  I went upstairs, played the piano, NO PAIN!  I brought home a gallon of milk, walked up to our kitchen, and still, NO PAIN!

I serve a God who heals BIG and SMALL things!  May this continue to increase my own personal faith in a God who does impossible things!


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