But God


Mortality is not something I ponder on a regular basis.  In fact, it’s something I don’t often think about except when another young mom passes away and leaves a husband and kids behind.  Then, I worry about all the details after my inevitable death, not so much in the way I will die.  To say I was close to death last Friday night (November 13, 2015) is not an understatement in any way.

Women of Purpose…  Whew.  What a start to a conference all day on Friday.  My lovely friends and I had a blast learning, worshipping, and growing closer to the Lord, and I just dropped them off at our church (thankfully) and was on my way back home for the evening.  As I was approaching a traffic light, another woman turned left to get on another highway right in front of me, and there was no time to stop.  I slammed on my brakes, screamed, and braced myself for the worst.  CRASH!  I hit her passenger side and completely crushed the front of my van.  When I came to, I rushed out of my van, ran to her vehicle, which was pinned to the guide rail overlooking the highway below, and tried to open her doors to no avail.  A nice man came, calmed me down, and we called 911.  In MOMENTS (whew, very fast response), police, fire rescue, and ambulances came to our aid.


My husband, Josh, came to get me after our gracious neighbors came to stay with our kids as they peacefully slept.  As we sat on the couch and I relived the experience with Josh, we just took some time to recount God’s faithfulness in this situation.  SO MANY variables could have made this accident so much worse, BUT GOD.  There’s no other way to dress it up pretty…  BUT GOD.

~ I had no other passengers… BUT GOD

~ I wasn’t distracted (my phone was in my purse behind my seat) or going too fast (if you know me, this is a MIRACLE!)…BUT GOD

~ The other vehicle had no other passengers… BUT GOD

~ I don’t have to buy new car seats because I took them out to fit everyone riding with me to the conference… BUT GOD

I woke up Saturday morning with a little boy snuggling in my arms and a song on my heart… “He’s ALWAYS Been Faithful.”  While it could have been “my time,” He’s not finished with me.  I still have a mandate, a job to do for His honor and glory.  I still get to cuddle and love my kids.  I still get to rest in the strong arms of my husband.  I still get to be blessing.  I still get to teach.  I still get to write and learn.  I still get drive.  I still get to sing.  He’s ALWAYS Been Faithful…

While there are still some unanswered questions as to insurance and adjusters and appraisers and other things I don’t know much about because I’m new at this whole “accident” thing, we’re believing God for continued faithfulness.  We need a new van (because we see that even a full-size car doesn’t fit our three car seats) at the RIGHT price.  We’re praying for favor in the eyes of the insurance adjusters.  Would you pray with us?  While we don’t worry because we know our lives are not our own and in the hands of our able Father, we still do have concerns.


***UPDATE 2-26-16…  I have recovered FULLY and can even drive without too much anxiety when coming to the intersection!  We LOVE our “new to us” Buick Terazza mini-van and are still awaiting some settlements with cleanup of the accident.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued prayers, love, and support.

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