I Don’t Have It All Together…


Dear Anna, Emily, and Caleb,

It’s been a while since I’ve last wrote you a personal letter on the blog, but I do hope everything I’ve written over the last few years has given you perspective into my life as your mom, a wife to daddy, and everything else I’ve gotten myself into!

Last week, a very well-meaning (and delusional) person said to me, “Christa, you always seem to have it all together.” I almost choked on the gum I was chewing, but somehow was able to respond with, “Oh, no. I really don’t,” while laughing it off nervously.

Seriously, stop laughing!  I know you find this absolutely hysterical.  (Stop snickering RIGHT NOW!) This person thinks YOUR MOM has it all together. However, she doesn’t see me running frantically around the house looking for my coffee EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. (My mugs need their own “find my iMug” app… You know like, “find my iPhone.”)


This person doesn’t see me forgetting to send in your field trip permission slip on time or get in trouble for going around the “car rider” line right around a police officer who was so kind to offer some correction to me. (Thanks for not servicing a ticket, officer.) Yep, for those of you there that fateful morning… That was ME!

I’m sure she doesn’t think I get snippy when you don’t pick up those socks laying in the middle of your bedroom floor or when you allow Rosie in the house with muddy paws.

Nope. Quite honestly, I don’t have “it all” together. Just like everyone else in the world, I’m human, flawed, and desperate to NOT misplace my coffee every morning!

I’m not the only one, though. No one has it all together. Sure, we all like to give the notion that our life is hunky-dory and problem-free. However, it’s never completely true.

There’s an old saying, “The grass isn’t greener on the other side.” Often, we hear stories from our friends, watch TV shows or movies, or read books that give us the impression that they “have it all together.” We covet their beautifully decorated bedroom, or want their house or car. Sometimes, we wish our parents were cooler (oh wait, your parents are SUPER cool), or that we could have all the greatest toys and clothes we could ever want. Stuff is good, for sure. But, even better? You have parents who love you unconditionally, pray for you regularly, and want God’s best for you.

Do I have it all together? Absolutely not. But no one else does either.


Love you forever,

Mom 🙂


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